What is Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier is a device which helps to reduce humidity level in closed space by extracting water from air. On basis of its application it broadly classified as portable dehumidifier, industrial large dehumidifier, dehumidifier for swimming pool etc. There are mainly two types principles of working for any dehumidifier which are condensation or desiccant. Dehumidification units can be floor mounted or roof mount or wall mount dehumidifier. Aerial offer German dehumidifier for all applications. Then offer following models:

1) AP Series Indoor room swimming pool dehumidifier.
2) AD series commercial dehumidification system.
3) WT series laundry dehumidifier.
4) ASE series desiccant dehumidifier.
5) AD110 series wall mounted dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidifier products range by Aerial

Dehumidifiers For All Applications

Water Management Facilities

Dehumidifier is used to avoid corrosion of equipment & damage of buildings at water treatment Facilities. Aerial offer AD 5 series commercial dehumidifier for for industrial dehumidification at water work facilities.

Industrial dehumidification

Many industrial applications needs low humidity environment during processes & to store furnished goods. Aerial AD 7 series industrial dehumidifier & AD 8 series heavy duty dehumidifier are best in quality and reliability.

Swimming pool Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier for swimming pool is must have equipment to reduce high humidity generated by pool water surface. AP series wall mounted swimming pool dehumidifier specially designed for indoor swimming pool rooms.

Dehumidifier for Living Spaces

High humidity at homes can cause fungus, molds, bad smell and health issues for you love one. A portable dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity. For bigger home large industrial portable dehumidifier should be use.

Preservation of Artifacts

Air dehumidifier reduces humidity level in Museums, Archives, Exhibitions to protect artifacts and vintage vehicles. Buy dehumidifier from aerial to protect your valuable artifacts from high humidity.

Laundry Dryer Air Dehumidifier

Own your own personnel laundry dryer which will quickly dry your laundry with residual moisture. Dehumidifier dryer are energy efficient devices which consume less power than washing machine dryer.