AD 520 Commercial Dehumidification System.

  • Suitable for rooms up to 150 cbm.
  • Max. dehumidifi cation capacity >19l/day.
  • Robust housing with stainless steel design.
  • 2 fan speeds, adjustable hygrostat, operating hours counter, hose connection.
  • Optional: delivery or conversion with kilowatt hour counter, pump kit, and wall bracket.
  • BlueDry® technology for operation at low humidity levels and temperatures.

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Features of AD520 Portable Commercial Dehumidifier.

AD520 commercial dehumidification system is made for use in  small spaces like garages, archives and drying of buildings. System is equipped with eDRY control panel which can show current and set humidity level, set fan speed and see power consumptions also. This unit has energy efficient EC fan which and be set in high and low speed.

– Blue-Dry®-Technology for particularly energy-saving operation – even at low humidity and temperature.
– Dehumidifier Suitable for heated rooms up to 450 m³ & unheated rooms up to  300 m³ under standard conditions.
– Filter is provided at intake which is at back side. Dry air outlet at front side.
– This industrial dehumidifier has Automatic defrost on demand whenever needed.
– EC Axial fan for energy saving.
– Easy-to-use electronic eDRY: • Display: kWh and operating hours • On / off switch • Display current / rated humidity • desired humidity setting is retained even
after power disconnection • continuous operation • fan power adjustable in 2 step 

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AD 520 commercial dehumidifier edry LCD display

Applications of AD 520

Industrial dehumidification

Many industrial applications needs low humidity environment during processes & to store furnished goods. Aerial AD 7 series industrial dehumidifier & AD 8 series heavy duty dehumidifier are best in quality and reliability.

Preservation of Artifacts

Air dehumidifier reduces humidity level in Museums, Archives, Exhibitions to protect artifacts and vintage vehicles. Buy dehumidifier from aerial to protect your valuable artifacts from high humidity.

Building & Water Damage Drying

Dehumidifiers and Air dryer for Damage recovery due to Flood and drying constructions sites.



Case made of coated sheet steel in stainless steel finish.

Dehumidifying performance / Power consumption*

at 30°C / 80% r.h.  =  78,0 l/24h   /   1.250 Watts/h

at 27°C / 60% r.h.  =  52,0 l/24h   /   1.090 Watts/h

at 20°C / 60% r.h.  =  35,0 l/24h   /      900 Watts/h

at 10°C / 70% r.h.  =  20,0 l/24h   /      720 Watts/h

Air circulation rate

Speed 1: 250 cbm/h

Speed 1: 340 cbm/h

Operation range

Temperature: +1°C up to +34°C

Humidity:  35%r.h. up to 95% r.h.

Noise level

46 dB (A)


230 V / 50 Hz

Connecting cable

4.5 mtrs. with plug.




Control elements

Display: kWh and operating hours, On-/Off-Switch, Display current / rated humidity

Optionally available accessories

Condensate drain hose 12 x 2 mm, Wall bracket, Pump-Kit


Installation / mobility

Floor standing. Stability by four rubber bumpers. The units are stackable.


Put plug into power socket. Switch the dryer on at  On/Off-switch and set the required humidity.

Condensate outlet

Easy to remove, carry and empty water collecting container (7,0 l.). Unit shutdown when bucket is full. Connection spigot for hose 12 x 2 mm.

Air flow

Air inlet at the back side via air filter, air outlet on the front (draught-free, through slanted fins)


clean / change air filter


Height / width / depth: 524 mm / 320 mm / 360 mm

format +971-50-1537113



Mode of functioning

Condensation principle (heat-pump technology with energy recovery)

Area of use

Water damage drying, drying buildings, waterworks, storage, basement, garages, archives, etc.