AD750 Industrial Portable Dehumidifier

  • Cutting-edge, rugged high-tech synthetic housing.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 600 cbm.
  • Max. dehumidification capacity >55 l/day.
  • High circulation rate (710 cbm/h) for optimum drying times.
  • Energy-saving rotary compressor.
  • Optional: delivery or conversion with kilowatt hour counter.
  • Model AD 750-P also available with on-board condensate pump.
  • BlueDry® technology for operation at low humidity levels and temperatures.

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AD 750 Commercial dehumidifier unit.

AD 750 industrial dehumidifier offered with option of built in large condensate tank of 12 liters. It has dehumidification capacity of 55 liters per day. This industrial dehumidification system is very easy to transport due to light high resistant plastic body and strong wheels. This industrial dehumidifier system has BlueDry® technology for super energy-efficient operation – also at low temperatures and humidity levels.

– AD 750 portable dehumidifier offered with built in tank and facility to connect hose for condensate drainage.
– Unit provided with work hour counter and energy counter.
– This units are stackable.
– Energy efficient axial fan.
– Built in defrost system
– Control panel also has operation hour counter, energy counter & neon indication for “pump fault”, “defrost, “humidity Ok”.

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Aerial dehumidifier make hygrostat

Applications of AD 750

Industrial dehumidification

Many industrial applications needs low humidity environment during processes & to store furnished goods. Aerial AD 7 series industrial dehumidifier & AD 8 series heavy duty dehumidifier are best in quality and reliability.

Preservation of Artifacts

Air dehumidifier reduces humidity level in Museums, Archives, Exhibitions to protect artifacts and vintage vehicles. Buy dehumidifier from aerial to protect your valuable artifacts from high humidity.

Building & Water Damage Drying

Dehumidifiers and Air dryer for Damage recovery due to Flood and drying constructions sites.



Impact-resistant plastic (grey, RAL 7001, PE polyethylene DIN 16776), operating panel (RAL 1023) and air inlet/outlet (RAL 7021): galvanised sheet steel, flux-coated,  protection class: IP 14

Dehumidifying performance / Power consumption*

at 30°C / 80% r.h.  =  55,0 l/24h   /   900 Watts/h

at 27°C / 60% r.h.  =  34, l/24h   /   780 Watts/h

at 20°C / 60% r.h.  =  24,5 l/24h   /      660 Watts/h

at 10°C / 70% r.h.  =  14,0 l/24h   /      550 Watts/h

Air circulation rate

710 cbm/h

Operation range

Temperature: +3°C up to +32°C

Humidity:  40%r.h. up to 95% r.h.

Noise level

53 dB (A)


230 V / 50 Hz, Fusing: 10 A slow

Connecting cable

5 mtrs. with plug, cable keeper




Control elements

On-/Off-Switch, orange, illuminated; neons for „defrost mode“, „humidity ok“ and „pump fault“; operation time counter; hygrostat with knob 

Optionally available accessories

Condensate hose 15 x  2 mm,  Combi-Counter (h and kWh)


Installation / mobility

On the floor. Ergonomically designed casing for easy transport, integrated push-handle, two big wheels  (D= 200 mm). The devices are stackable for storage purposes.


Put plug into power socket. Switch the dryer on at On/Off switch and set the required humidity at the hygrostat.

Condensate outlet

Water bucket (12 l) simply to remove, carry and empty. Complete switch off when bucket is full (activated by weight). Hose connector for hose 15 x 2 mm. 

Air flow

Air inlet at the back side via air filter, air outlet on the front (draught-free, through slanted fins)


clean / change air filter


Height / width / depth: 880 mm / 520 mm / 495 mm

format +971-50-1537113



Mode of functioning

Condensation principle (heat-pump technology with energy recovery)

Area of use

Closed rooms (water works, water damage drying,  storaging, archives, ect.)