AP 50 Dehumidifier for Swimming pool.

  • High quality, slim cabinet model – as stand-alone unit or wall-mounted.
  • Suitable for indoor swimming pools with water surface of 25 m².
  • Max. dehumidification capacity >47 l/day.
  • Fully automatic, silent operation (only 50 dB (A)).
  • Virtually maintenance free ¡ Easy to install and use.
  • Easy to install and use.

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AP 50 Dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool humidity control.

Slim design, high performance and quite operation makes AP 50 dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms use commonly in wellness areas like swimming pools, spas, gym etc. Unit has optional facility to install socket for intake of fresh air. Installation of this swimming pool dehumidification unit is very easy. Unit easily can be wall mounted or floor mounted.

•As mentioned, unit show high performance due to rotary compressor and radial fan.
•AP series dehumidifiers can install as wall mounted or floor mounted.
•Quick installation. Need to install wall bracket, connect power and connect drainage point.
•Control panel of this indoor room swimming pool dehumidifier has switch on/off button, ok operation LED, high/low cut off LED and adjustable hygrostat.
•Intake of air is from front and dry air outlet from top which make quite operation and blow of air on faces of occupants.
•Unit has facility to install pump-kit to push condensate water.
•Heat exchangers made of copper tubes with Alu-lamellaes, with corrosion-resistant special coating.

For pool Dehumidifier calculation please contact us.

AP70 dehumidifier for pool room humidity control

Applications of AP 50 Dehumidifier

Swimming pool Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier for swimming pool is must have equipment to reduce high humidity generated by pool water surface. AP series wall mounted swimming pool dehumidifier specially designed for indoor swimming pool rooms.

Dehumidifier for Living Spaces

High humidity at homes can cause fungus, molds, bad smell and health issues for you love one. A portable dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity. For bigger home large industrial portable dehumidifier should be use.

Preservation of Artifacts

Air dehumidifier reduces humidity level in Museums, Archives, Exhibitions to protect artifacts and vintage vehicles. Buy dehumidifier from aerial to protect your valuable artifacts from high humidity.



Case made of inside and outside powder coated sheet steel

Dehumidifying performance / Power consumption*

at 30°C / 80% r.h.  =  47.0 l/24h   /   770 Watts/h

at 27°C / 60% r.h.  =  25.3 l/24h   /   715 Watts/h

at 20°C / 60% r.h.  =  18.1 l/24h   /      670 Watts/h

at 10°C / 70% r.h.  =  11.6 l/24h   /      630 Watts/h

Air circulation rate

875 cbm/h

Operation range

Temperature: +10°C up to +32°C

Humidity:  40%r.h. up to 95% r.h.

Noise level

50 dB (A)


230 V / 50 Hz

Connecting cable

Without (on-site electrical installation required)



Protection Class


Control elements

On-/Off-Switch, orange, illuminated; neons for, defrost mode, humidity ok & thermal switch off, adjustable hygrostat

Optionally available accessories

Condensate hose 15 x  2 mm

socket for fresh air



Installation / mobility

Installation can be wall mount or floor mount.


Electrical installation performed by Electrician. Put plug into power socket. Switch the unit on at On/Off switch and set the required humidity at the hygrostat.

Condensate outlet

Hose connector for hose 15 x 2 mm.

Air flow

Air inlet at the front side, air outlet from top


Height / width / depth: 740 mm / 824 mm / 261 mm

format +971-50-1537113



Mode of functioning

Condensation principle (heat-pump technology with energy recovery)

Area of use

Swimming pools, whirlpool and sauna anterooms, gym and changing rooms.