ASE 200 Adsorption Dehumidifier

  • Stackable, quiet, maintenance-friendly.
  • Process  air volume: 210 m³/h.
  • Maximum power input: 694 watts.
  • Dehumidification capacity: 18.75 kg/24h at 20°C / 60% RH.
  • A real energy-saver: at 20°C / 60% RH only 0.89 kWh/l or 1.13 l/kWh.
  • Combo-counter standard (kWh and operating hours)

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ASE 200 desiccant dehumidifier

ASE 200 industrial dehumidifier work on desiccant dehumidification principle. This adsorption dehumidifier consist of desiccant made round wheel which rotates continuously. Humid air pushed through this desiccant wheel and hence due to property of desiccant, humidity of air get absorbed and dry air pushed out through heater.

•The Rotor unit of this commercial dehumidification systems is easy to remove for cleaning purpose
•Very quiet operation due to installed integrated silencer.
•This best dehumidifier comprised with self regulating PTC heating
•Air filter on the process air inlet.
•Handle for comfortable carrying
•Control panel of these dehumidifiers has on/off witch, work hour counter, energy counter, hygrostat etc.

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ASE desiccant dehumidifier working principle

Applications of ASE 200 Adsorption Dehumidifier

Water Management Facilities

Dehumidifier is used to avoid corrosion of equipment & damage of buildings at water treatment Facilities. Aerial offer AD 5 series commercial dehumidifier for for industrial dehumidification at water work facilities.

Dehumidifier for Living Spaces

High humidity at homes can cause fungus, molds, bad smell and health issues for you love one. A portable dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity. For bigger home large industrial portable dehumidifier should be use.

Preservation of Artifacts

Air dehumidifier reduces humidity level in Museums, Archives, Exhibitions to protect artifacts and vintage vehicles. Buy dehumidifier from aerial to protect your valuable artifacts from high humidity.



Case made of stainless steel and powder coated sheet steel.

Dehumidifying performance

at 20°C / 60% r.h.  =  18.75 kg/d

Liter per kWh

1.13 l/kWh

KwH per Liter

0.89 kWh/l

Power Consumption

694 W (nominell)

Air flow & ext. Pressure of Dry Air

210 m³/h & 150 Pa

Air flow & ext. Pressure of Regeration Air

110 m³/h & 50 Pa

Operation range

Temperature: -10°C up to +35°C

Noise level

48 dB (A)


230 V / 50 Hz

Connecting cable

4.5 mtrs. with plug.

Protection Class


Control elements

On/Off-switch, Built-in hygrostat for variable humidity control, operation hour and energy counter (MID approved

Optionally available accessories

Hose, Hose Clamp


Installation / mobility

Four abrasion-proof rubber feet for floor installation.


Put plug into power socket. Switch the dryer on at On/Off switch and set the required humidity at the hygrostat.

Air entry

Process- and regeneration air together Ø 125 mm, through silencer and air filter.

Dry-air Outlet

Hose connector either 1 x Ø 100 mm or 2 x Ø 50 mm (both as a standard).

Regeneration Air-outlet

 hose connector Ø 80 mm


Height / width / depth: 285 mm / 290 mm / 395 mm

format +971-50-1537113



Mode of functioning

Adsorption principle. One common fan for process and regeneration air

Area of use

Building, cavity and water damage drying, drying and ventilation of basements