ASE Desiccant dehumidifier or adsorption dehumidifier


The compact adsorption dryers in the AES Series are highly sought after for use in a wide range of applications in the fi eld of water damage restoration where they provide constant dehumidification, condensation water protection and air conditioning in crawlspaces. The compact dryers do not fail to impress with high performance and low energy levels even when they are running at low temperatures and humidity levels.


A single fan for process and regeneration air ensures that the air is dried or kept dry while providing proper ventilation.


This desiccant dehumidifier is maintenance-friendly and rugged: the high-quality, heavy duty housing is built to stand up to real-world conditions, but still off ers quick and easy access for cleaning and servicing. And in the highly unlikely event that your dehumidifier should need repairing, all the components can be easily reached without the need for special tools. The high-performance ECODRY rotor ensures highest performance at low costs. The dryers in the ASE Series can be ideally combined with AERIAL sound boxes.


The dehumidifiers in the AES Series are not only especially energy efficient, they are also outstanding from a safety point of view.
We only use self-regulating PTC heating elements to ensure the continuous regeneration of the sorption rotor. In stark contrast to conventional resistance heatings PTC heating elements cannot overheat, which in turn means that they cannot cause any heat damage to the rotor. Which is yet another reason why AERIAL adsorption dehumidifier last for years and years and …