Room air laundry dehumidifier dryer.


The dehumidifi ers in the WT Series are especially popular in Switzerland, where they are frequently used as combined room air-laundry dryers. The dehumidifi ers have a high air circulation rate and dry laundry according to the energy-saving condensation principle. In fact, they use as much as 50% less energy than a conventional tumble dryer. Not only that, they’re gentler too – no more wrinkles, no more creases. Just nice, soft, fl uff y laundry.


The room air-laundry dryers dehumidifiers in the WT Series work according to the energy-saving condensation principle with heat recovery. They are designed for use in closed rooms and are frequently used as combined room air laundry dryer.


The room air laundry dehumidifier dryers in the WT Series have an onboard hygrostat and two diff erent drying programmes: the unit switchesd itself off  at the end of a drying programme or switches itself on and off  automatically to maintain the desired humidity level. The units operate at temperatures as low as 3°C. This makes them ideal for use in cellars and

means that you won’t need an extra heating. The gauze air fi lter can be removed quickly and easily and cleaned with clear water. And because it’s replaceable, it’s also environmentally-friendly and easy on your pocket too. The room air-laundry dryer has another very positive side eff ect: because it keeps the air in the room dry, it also keeps the brickwork, the fl ooring and any other possessions you may have in the room just as dry. This prevents mould from forming and protects both your health and your property.


The combined room air-laundry dryers in the WT Series dehumidifier are often used in single-family homes and multi-family houses.